Terms and Conditions

Welcome to holisticeduservices.com. We deal into online test series and various correspondence course sourced from different strategic partners. We request all our users to read the terms and conditions very carefully from our website or mobile application.

By subscribing our services, users agreed that they are have read and understood our terms & conditions and are ok with it, however at any point of time, we can change our terms and conditions any time which we will update in the site also.

If any user is not ready with our terms and condition, we request them not to use our services.


Our online test series helps for the preparation for board exams, engineering and medical and other exams like KVPY, various Olympiads etc.

User Content

We don’t share users information to anybody without their proper consent. By registering with us users give us the right the display their information worldwide in all languages for promotions which is royalty free in the website and in other media or modes. We reserve the right to remove or edit the information at any point of time from the website and other media/modes without any proper notice.

Users are solely responsible for their Content/Information, and they agree and represent that they will not:

  • Users will give proper information according to Indian constituency. They will not use copyrighted material or protected trademark until and unless they have special permission for that.
  • Use a name which they are not allowed to do like false identity or represent any other person.
  • Submit material which is threating, hateful, ethnically offensive, unlawful or something which can be considered a criminal offense.
  • While purchasing any product/services from the website or mob application, users will not give any false information.
  • Enrollment and User Engagement
  • After buying any test series of holisticeduservices.com, holistic edu services will provide user id and password in order to start and complete the test series.


  • If users are buying any product/services other than holistic edu services, listed in holisticeduservices.com, users will get proper information from the same company for further process. users can also directly contact the brand company.


All the registered and non-registered users of the website or mobile app are advised not to share the content, images, publish any material of the website to anybody/party which can cause damages to the website and mobile application. This is illegal and legal action may be taken for the concerned person.

Users are not authorized to transmit any computer virus, spyware, worm etc which hamper the website or mobile application.

Data & Privacy

  • com use users data for :
  • To better understand the need of the customers.
  • To Improve our internal database.
  • To send promotional emails, messages, and phone calls.

Other parties

If any discrepancies happen between the user and holisticeduservices.com, users agree that they will not bring any claim or harm to the employees of holisticeduservices.com.

Breaches of these terms and conditions

If users breach the terms and conditions of holisticeduservices.com then Holisticeduservices.com may take legal action to deal with the breach. This may result in suspending their access from website and mob application or blocking internet protocol addresses.

Law and jurisdiction

Any discrepancies or dispute between user and holisticeduservices.com relating to these terms and conditions will be subject to Delhi Jurisdiction only.



Users will never share their password with anybody else, which may result in uses of services with proper information to the users, in such type of cases holisticmediaservices.com is not responsible for any services used, it will be considered as one user always.

User Obligations

All users are advised to give proper information while registering with holisticeduservices.com,

If at any point time hoilsticeduservices.com finds any information which is inaccurate or incomplete we may cancel the order or services.

Refund and cancellation

For users we have we don’t have any option for cancellation of products/ services which the users have purchased or subscribed to. Once a product/service has been purchased by the user, we cannot provide any refund, either totally or partially. We suggest the users recognize their need before buying any product services. Users are also advised to take references, read the testimonials from holisticeduservices.com as well as from other websites before buying any product or subscription. Once the product or subscription is purchased no refund will be allowed.

It is users responsibility to find whether they are eligible for any test series or correspondence or foundation course or not.

Again if the users do not clear any exams like board exams, IIT JEE, NEET, KYPY, Olympiads etc, then holisticeduservices.com is not responsible for that because we do not give any guarantee for exam clearance, our books, courses, and test series are only for references only. We refund will be allowed in such cases.


Request for change of courses are not allowed at any circumstances and in such cases refund is not allowed.

Content & Support

We try our level best to provide you with the best content. Our R&D continuously works to give you the best.

Specific question regarding course materials may be directed to [email protected]


Please, the terms and condition page regularly to ensure that you are familiar with the current version.